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To avoid unnecessary human suffering by changing the practice of health care through the 5 Essentials. 


Through an unshakeable commitment to living and sharing the 5 Essentials, 34 million people will enjoy the health needed to experience their potential. 


Maximized Living is a healthcare delivery system based on the 5 essentials of health: healthy mind, properly functioning nerve system, proper nutrition, maximum oxygen & lean muscle, and minimizing toxins.

As Maximized Living doctors, our purpose is to change the way people view and manage their health.

In other words, there is a power inside every one of us that gives us life, prevents us from having disease, heals us if we do have a disease, and keeps us well throughout our entire life. We remove any interference so that power can flow uninterrupted.

Simply put, we help people live life to their fullest God-given potential!


1. We determine the cause. We live by this principle - find the cause, remove the interference, and maximize potential.

2. We cancelled the audition. We unapologetically and authoritatively live a maximized life. We’re not looking to fit in or be accepted by a culture that isn’t working out.

3. We point out bad B.S. (Belief Systems). We tell people the truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be or what it might cost us.

4. We’re not a fad. We have a scientific, proven, sustainable, economic system of living that has worked for millions of people.

5. We don’t put God first. God’s right in the center of EVERYTHING.

6. We experience the power of the PELOTON. We are either strong through synergy or weakened by fragmentation. We unite by focusing on the vision we are for and not what we condemn.

7. We are Ritz Carlton, not Motel 6. We’re the premiere destination, have all the amenities, and place a high value on quality service for people. We’re not just an alternative place to crash with a bed and a toilet.

8. We need your seat. We exist to reach the unreached. Once you know the principle of maximized health, then it’s no longer about you – there becomes a moral and ethical obligation to tell the people who don’t know.

9. We are prepared for war. We put a war plan in place each week so that we may achieve victory in the areas of our most important priorities. We do this with axe-fight-toughness knowing that challenges, failures, and people going AWOL are all part of the process of fulfilling destiny.

10. We guard the wall. We protect people from any injustice against the sanctity of the human body.

11. We are all about the numbers. We set goals and measure progress through all available quantitative means to make sure we’re making an impact.

12. We love each other. Love inspires all that we do. “Unless someone like you...cares a whole awful lot...nothing is going to get better...It’s not.” 

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PROHealth Chiropractic

Dr. Vasco Valov, Dr. Jason Sousa
Manchester, CT Chiropractor


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