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The dictionary defines who you are: great; unusual or considerable in degree, power, intensity, etc. wonderful: first-rate; very good; being such in an extreme or notable degree; notable, remarkable, exceptionally outstanding, important, highly significant, distinguished, famous, of noble or lofty character, Chief or principal; of highest rank, official position, or social standing; of extraordinary powers; having unusual merit, very admirable; enthusiastic about some specified activity, skillful expert.  (source: dictionary online)

Whew!  I couldn't have said it any better myself!

These characteristics of who God made you to be touch near & dear to my heart, especially the loved ones around me. Because of whom you are, what you do, and who you serve is why I live and move and breathe today. Six years ago I was suicidal, depressed, oppressed, and on the brink of death in my 30 years of life. God didn't let me give up life, He used YOU to give ME a NEW LIFE: A passionate life, a fulfilled life, a purpose-filled life, and a clear life. It's because you cared so much about a life you had never even met before. You gave up your time, family & self to meet me:  broken, desolate, dimmed & drained of life. You came in after office hours--just hours after my suicide attempt. Within 2 months of adjusting me, my depression cleared, & every symptom cleared..... MY LIFE was clear. I cannot proclaim enough what a powerful impact you have made in my life through chiropractic and your genuine love & concern. As the years go by I sit pondering, thanking God for my life that was almost gone, the children I almost never had, and the clear, controlled, fulfilled body and mind I would have never experienced without you. As I write this I cry. I cry out of PURE JOY that years ago The Lord created YOU: to bring the dead back to life, the deaf to hear, the blind to see, the suffering health, the captive free & the impossible possible. 
Thank You... for LIFE!

With Love, Life & Thanks,
Christina P.